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  1. ... you very much for your kindly attention 圖片 參考: for me is to understand the importance for the teamwork . 修正三: 而媽媽也常說我做是細心 謹慎 However...

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  2. ...across all the groups involved in a project encourages effective teamwork —a coordinated effort is far more likely to lead to a great design.

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  3. ... also a considerable emphasis on teamwork people . 三、這些休閒活動能讓我放鬆和保持心情愉快...and other computer software application B license . 圖片 參考:

  4. DC_SHOES_BLOCK_Spartan_ Teamworks _High_Blacklime 圖片 參考: 希望對您有幫助...

  5. 你表單名稱及欄位所在位置沒有表達的很清楚耶~如[產品]及[紀錄]是主表單或子表單...等等,可以直接寄檔案過來參考!希望對你有幫助! 2009-09-11 13:02:00 補充: 請寄到 teamwork

  6. ...退件!我用YAHOO帳號再寄一次,你在收收看! 2009-05-30 19:06:00 補充: 圖片 也可以!但只是記錄存取的路徑!

  7. apply the principles of mass production and large teamwork to the process of invention, and therefore is often ...with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory. 圖片 參考:

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  8. ... like film-making, TV show-programing that needed teamwork to let it be done. 14.I had less course burden during the...

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  9. ...; like baseball, players must use teamwork to win the game, also vollyball, football, soccer.. I love... in the future. 以上請參考希望有幫助到您 圖片 參考:

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  10. 怪怪屋 Monster House 圖片 參考: movies are somewhat funny and about teamwork and working together or teaches life lessons...

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