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  1. ... who steals the Sweet Jam Tarts ,she is attacked violently by all the pack of cards. At last she wakes up from the dangerous adventurous dream.(80 words) (5)...

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  2. 嗨, 讓我們來看看現在的對象。 蛋撻(您使用的是“ S ”形。 )我敢打賭,你知道“餡餅”是一個可數名詞。 北京鴨<---------這是數太多。 點心<-------------沒有s的 你談論的是北京烤鴨,或你說的是 “北京鴨” ? 關於...

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  3. ...also implies(意味著) that ***you have never eaten egg tarts before.**** 1) and 2) don't carry this meaning!! ... the way, that's a nice question you brought up . CiaoO_O

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  4. ...*** 1.)昇空奇遇=Balloons Up - up -and-away 2.)幻彩旋轉馬=Merry-go-round 3.)砵...amp;英文 1.)魚蛋=Fish ball 2.)蛋撻=Egg tart (s) ***該...

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  5. ... characters are very funny and they often come up with crazy ideas. My father is a banker. He... very well. I like her chicken wings and fruit tarts . ?????

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