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  1. 我估你是問: a few more deadlifts 和 a couple miles 這兩節句詞跟前文的 to bandage your shoes 的關係/意思。 這兩詞組都是借用代表 力度 (deadlift = 立定舉重) = 可(提起)走多幾步 延長時間 (couple of miles = 走多幾哩路) = 延長(鞋的壽命)走多幾步

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  2. ...; use digital camera/recorder, media recorder on computer, Web cam, tape recorder, etc.) Do these every day for at least a year. (Not just for several...

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  3. ... of recording by DJ:-you've to be trained audio- tape , cassette, compact disc, digital recording, stereo recording, tape ...

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  4. ... words. I gave him my camera for a tape recorder. 2015-04-13 13:43:41 補充: He lived there. 這裡的there...

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  5. Tape and bob 是複合名詞, 是一個用來測量液面高度的工具,從而推算該儲油槽裡還有...更shift測量並記錄輪機日記logbook,比照舊紀錄,研判是否燃油或水是否消秏異常。 tape 上有尺寸刻度bob是圓柱錐底形銅質錘,

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  6. ...的書: side by side, interchange or any other conversation textbooks come with audio tape or CD or videos. *不知道如何正確地輸入中國語言字符。所以...

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  7. 1an 2an 3a 4a 5a 6an 7an 8a 9a 10a 11an 12an 13a 14a 15an 16a 17a 18an 19a 20a 21a 22a 23a 24an 25an 26a 27a 28a 29a

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  8. ...合輯」的代名詞。 資料來源請參閱 tape / (亦即本文的出處)

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  9. ...是用來指狀況:你的外觀如何 I hate how my voice sounds on tape . 我的聲音如何。 Just tell me how the party ends. how指方式...

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  10. ... ACF was pressed on, the folded Teflon tape under the Thermalhead caused ACF to be folded as...

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