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  1. ...will be allowed to become to have the specialized knowledge financial talented person. 楓葉 (喜愛知識

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  2. ...翻的數理資優生生物研究組長 Biology study group leader for math and chemistry talented student. 數理資優生 Talented student for math and chemistry. 學藝股長 ...

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  3. 1.跨足  Across the foot 2.人才進駐   The garrison of the talented person 3.按部就班 By the department class 4.訝異    Amaze 5.股王身價 A king s prestige

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  4. She plays the piano very well, and is a talented girl. She has an understanding heart, and often helps...

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  5. 我想應該是!! talented 形容詞!!中文是~有才能的! 而不是k開頭~你可能聽錯了!!

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  6. our sunshine. Cheer up! There wouldn t be long time that a talented person was stuck in the tough environment. 好!我承認我最後一句翻...

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  7. ... ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented , fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born...

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  8. Pygmalion was a very talented sculptor in ancient Greece who loved his work, and would spend...

  9. ...讀一個 [ t ] 。 例如 want to , field day , the nicest teacher , stubborn neighbor , talented dancers, generous student , polite taxi driver等

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  10. ... 最為簡潔,因為Quality本身就已經表示超出平常水準了。 , Talented Human Resources,

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