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  1. 這句話後面已經有is了 is not mine-->不是我的 The box under the desk如果再加is 成The box is under the desk 變成The box is under the desk is not mine.就變成一句話有兩個動詞 這句話不是在講「位置的表達是主詞+be動詞+位置表達的...

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  2. ...arrangement: 1. The first 6 cabinets, as shown in the table below, please arrange 10/15 for the final shipment and 10/30 for the letter of credit expiration...

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  3. 有機會, 任何一枓的老師都不一定随着你升級! 一位老師, 如果只教數學, 他只可以教 5-6 班; 而老師的分配, 是由學校的一獨立小組 (time- tabling team) 編排, 而不是由老師選擇的。 放心, 整個中学過裏, 你一定會遇上不只一位老師老師 !!

  4. ...介係詞的受詞是名詞 : (1) of/in/on + 普通名詞 = 形容詞 such as: apple on the table , people in Taiwan ....etc (2) of/all + 抽象名詞 = 形容詞 such as...

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  5. (1)I finally finished the terrace floor and the blinds. (2)You are key-enchanced by Chair, Table , Machine. (3)I told you, honey, that LOVE is coming back.

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  6. "high table ":貴賓桌、主桌。該劇情以此釋義代稱「高層」。又例如:董事長、副首長的代稱「董座」、「副座」。 # ˌhigh ˈtable [noun] [singular, uncountable] British English the table where the most important people at a formal occasion sit

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  7. 用UNIQUE取得不重複的名字,再用SUMIF算總和即可 table /25273?hl=zh-Hant&ref_topic=3105422 公式可以在Google找到用法 圖

  8. ...可選擇的行動包括: Sample view of a Texas Hold'em table in the pre-flop betting round. 蓋牌:放棄手中的牌,不玩該局牌。蓋...

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  9. I want to sort the item (or coded) numbers on the table in the order of the symmetry of the results.

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  10. ...群錄取最低分545.50 弘光科技大學歷屆聯登錄取分數 table /archive.php?class=201

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