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  1. ...3.率直 forankness honest straight 4.代價 cost price 5.潛意識 subconscious 6.單親家庭 single family 7.偏袒 bias faviuritism to be partial to be in favor...

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  2. 呢首係 ÆDRA - Subconscious Outburst 專輯名:The Craft of Artistry(2006) Style係 METAL 試聽完整版本: *內有CD COVER 希望幫到你

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  3. ...自我 / ego超我 / super-ego認知 / Cognitive意識 / Conscious潛意識 / Subconscious 學習 / Learning古典制約(條件)作用 / Classical conditioning...

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  4. ...21 補充: and the login name you use and choose already implied by your subconscious and betray by your subconscious , all you need to is face what your...

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  5. ...39;s Surrealism is a style in which fantastical visual imagery from the subconscious mind is used with no intention of making the work logically comprehensible...

  6. ...平面心理學」(一般學院式的心理學)、「高度心理學」(超越性心理學)。 下意識 = subconscious / unconscious = 潛意識,係分析心理學中佛洛依德所提出 佛洛依德將人0既心理分為...

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  7. ... Change原曲收錄於Samantha James2010年大碟 Subconscious

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  8. ...enough, like playing will end up divorce that all i can guess and your subconscious warn you not to do stupid decision

  9. ... when you are teenageryou feel guilty and suppress the memory, but subconscious show you in the dream

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  10. ...they can describe the characters in a very lively, they will even imitate in the subconscious level.

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