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  1. ...+V, but also S+V) The students not only studied hard , but also played hard . (S +not only+V, but also+V) 2.Bill said...

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  2. ...如此的巨星啊. 照歌詞看,go hard 是"盡力"之意.美國大學生常說的一句話: study hard and play hard 意思就是:念書盡力,也要玩得盡興. 相同的意思. 希望有幫助

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  3. ...clean our room. 主詞+動詞+所有格+名詞 2. He [ studies ] hard . “He"是第三人稱,動詞要用第三人稱單數( study 去y加ies) We [ play ] football. "We"是複數,動詞不加S

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  4. Born to Be Wild! (天生狂野!) Work Hard , Play Harder ! (努力工作,盡情享樂!) 2012-05-02 16:28:45 補充: Study Hard , Play Harder ! (用功讀書,盡情享樂!)

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  5. 1. Never give up. The bright future is ahead for you. 2. Study hard and play hard . 3. Those who put efforts will succeed finally.

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  6. ... study hard .(用as long as) ____________________. You will succeed someday as long as you study hard . 2.改寫 Three boys are playing under the tree. There are______________________. There are...

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  7. ...-> Whom did he play with? John ate the cookies... the cookies happily. Sam studied hard at school. (依畫線部分造原問句) 如果畫在...

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  8. He always asks me to study hard instead of messing around .So our grades are good...

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  9. 1. studies 2. play 4.What 5.her 6.washes 7.Does 8.go 9.doesn’t

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  10. ...跟她朋友去公園玩。 疑問句:Will Tina play with her friend in the park? 蒂娜將會跟她朋友去公園玩嗎? 3. I will study hard for the test. 我將會為了考試努力讀書。(肯定句) 否定句...

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