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  1. ...還是去健身房? work out 是 運動健身 2012-06-07 23:37:22 補充: work out 很多 意思 ,這裡英文解釋為:To engage in strenuous exercise for physical conditioning. If you're into something, it...

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  2. 英文字典定義之一:A strenuous test of ability and endurance. 嚴謹的測試效力和持續力。 所以你的理解完全正確,workout 這裏是[藥物測試]之意。

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  3. put one s shoulder to the wheel Work hard, make a strenuous effort, as in We ll have to put our shoulder to the... been used figuratively since the late 1700s. 意思 是很認真工作...就是用肩膀推著輪子走..

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  4. 힘들기만 한 사랑這句韓文翻成中文的 意思 大概是 一萬個費力的愛 韓文翻譯成英文是10001 loves which are strenuous

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  5. ...vigorous he/she looks. A vigorous patient has strenuous appearance and clear thoughts. So stable breath... 或是 power 都是一般可以接受的 有正氣的 意思 中醫很美 辭情達意的翻譯會讓外國的朋友對於...

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  6. 它寫信在只有第 5。 它出生,但是它完成一個領域 5 在幾天之內和它回到房子。 但是這次日子是奮發的太多時間表。 如何關於你? 試著歸還你送到房子和許多信報告你 sudnly。 在第一個中說服,黃色二它減低公開許多信 而且它是黃色的在美麗的台灣風景的相片中。 它是黃色的在興趣...

  7. ...39;t be afraid of failure. 奮發向上 Strive forward Strive = to make strenuous efforts toward any goal, 努力奮鬥 例: strive for success strive for the ...

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  8. ... 和 Taking 一個是被動語態,一個則是主動語態 如果省略的話 意思 也會大不相同

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  9. 我覺得有可能 答案應該是(C)才對

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  10. ...slowly in recent years, give the pressure a piece of space wheezing of strenuous modern, and the difference of culture, geographical position, plant kinds because of every...

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