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  1. 立刻,立即 例句:You straight away to pack your schoolbag and ready for school. 意思:你立刻收拾你的書包,準備上學.

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  2. go to the following website and you can print straight away :

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  3. u can goto carphoneware house, and buy a sim card called: talk mobile world sim card, the sim card cost u nothing if u topup £10 straight away .. then it cost u 4p or 5p per ninute...

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  4. ... ) 2) To easily investigate the cause of the problem and stop it straight away . 3) To calm down students so they do not have to worry about ...

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  5. .... "We decided to take it outside and play with it straight away . It was the best present." "well...... not quite...

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  6. ... or Peter had 1 or 10, then they would have solved it straight away . But neither did. But when Peter discovered...

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  7. 四十年來我未被司機拒載過, 也是即時落標(旗)的。 其他採訪新聞的人已被管理當局趕走。

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  8. Look at this picture, It's a cushion. I will hug it straight away if it isn't a picture but a real cushion. I hug it tightly and feel the dependence...

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  9. The answer is B. straight inward towards the Sun. The Earth experiences a...

  10. hoop, but when the dog jump over it accidentaly got burnt. I straight away brought the dog to the vet and he recovered from the burn.

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