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  1. ...the crisp skin from the refrigerator, each crisp Pi Ping圴 to cuts a knife straight in, the transverse cutting four knives turns 16 piece of same old...

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  2. ...record baby, but I can't see straight anymore. Keep it cool what's... so many women without a flaw. And I ain't gonna...到您啦~~~ ~讓我用心 ‧ 令您窩心~ 蘋果 迷你倉 迷你倉 | self storage

  3. ...以至 She was so tired that she couldn't think straight . 她累得昏頭昏腦。 3.(表示希望或願望) 多麼 adj. 1.(以手勢表示長度....那些的; 那 Those apples are rotten. 那些 蘋果 爛了。

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