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  1. semi-colon is the punctuation mark (;) used in writing, between a comma and a full stop in value eg:- This one is hot (;) this is very hot (;) this one hottest.

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  2. ...r, i, j;   for(; printf("Enter the number of rows (0 to stop ): ")       && scanf("%d", &r)       && r > 0...

  3. ... really lets it go. They let it go. Let  go of it to stop the letting. She's not letting it go-不允許,不讓------(grammar...

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  4. ...the bridge to shelter from the heavy fall of rain ,and prayed that the rain would stop soon. Unfortunately things did not live up to our...

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  5. the entire route without a rest. So it is not necessary to plan rest stops . However, keep in mind everyone drive different. So be comfortable. If...

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  6. ...en):       solu = cont[:]       valu = value(cont)   if isSame(cont, last): break # stop when reaching the end   nxt(cont) # print(value(solu)) 

  7. How to stop you from saying some crazy shit up here

  8. 就像有人說: "一般人 整個人生之中 有25年是在睡覺" 一樣 "一般人 整個人生之中 有5年是在排隊" "一般人 整個人生之中 有12月是在找失物" 會難懂嗎?

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