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  1. If you look at your questioned sentence without "especially stirring , memorable tunes" as: File music , especially stirring , memorable...

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  2. 已經,這些前進與類道德辯論一起引起了反面烏托邦的視覺,通常被限制對科幻。 反面烏托邦 雅虎字典是這樣翻譯這個字的 以後可以直接參考雅虎字典喔

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  3. ... favorite fruits are blend together for my daily drink. Stir = 攪拌 I stir my soup with spice for additional flavor. 如還記不起來...

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  4. ...obably的 意思 是「大約」, Approximately-oximately的 意思 也是「大約」。   A dozen times during the...quiet. Even at midnight there is usually something stirring .   The first time he woke, he...

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  5. ...casserole(玻璃烘培盤加蓋). Microwave for 2 mins. on HIGH. Stir in shrimp and continue cooking for about 4 mins. on HIGH, or until...

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  6. ...譬如說His wife let him out of the doghouse,就是他老婆原諒了他的 意思 。 例句: As he likes to stir things up, he has been in the doghouse. 由於他喜歡搗亂...

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  7. ....asp Stirling MSc Marketinghttp://www.external. stir

  8. ...and their slangs. They are used to instigate ( stir up) fights. 請問這兩句話是粗俗的說法嗎? Yes, they are...

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  9. 使用攪拌子前你要採取哪些防護措施 stirring bar 應該是指在化學實驗中用來攪拌液體的東西

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  10. 應該是 那場戰爭是出乎我意料之外的 第二位的回答也不錯 但是中文念起來好像怪怪的 如果是作業 我建議回答我這個 2007-08-20 14:26:15 補充: 修改 那場戰爭(爭鬥)是出乎我意料之外的

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