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  1. umbrella, I just want to share my umbrella with you to the MTR station . Seeing that it is raining and you don't have an umbrella...

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  2. how many mtr stations are there now? 這句話除了首字(How)用大寫及mtr應是MRT的...

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  3. Due to the completion of the new railway station , the model design and structure of many machines have changed accordingly.

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  4. ...事情。並非把兩個動詞放在一句話內,不符合文法。 The new MRT station will use/utilize the new system. In addition, many old machines will be...

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  5. paid=the past tense and past participle of PAY.Past participle act as an adjective;eg:-paid area. passive-the passive form of a verb,eg:-"is not allowed" in the sentence "eating and drinking "is not allowed" in the train.

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  6. 這2句話的意思不一樣! 第一句的意思是:高鐵剩下的工作中主要挑戰是... "The main challenges remaining of the express rail link"是主詞片語. "remaining of the express rail link"是用來形容"the main challenges"

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  7. ...the assemble time and place no change...建議改成 are the same. contact me by電話 如果改成with this number xxxxxx會好一點

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  8. ...時間才完成這項計畫。(4)as far as He walked as far as the railway station yesterday evening.昨天傍晚,他一直散步到火車站。(5)as well as She...

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  9. ... should return the completed forms to the social workers stationed at your schools, Membership cards will be ...

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  10. ..._from_the_East_near_Suid%C5%8Dbashi_ Station _2014.JPG/220px-Tokyo_Dome_City_Looking_from...

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