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  1. 時序: 1. She left. 2. Henry arrived. 3. So she did not see him. 正確答案:B  「過去完成式」she had left在「過去簡單式」he left there之前發生 先離開的她沒看到後來到的他(時序合理)

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  2. ...是說明不清或把意思拆散而沒組織。 There is not any LRT station in Tamsui MRT. 這句用了正規的英語文法句式,但卻欠了很多...

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  3. 1. 王子先生 醬子好奇?怎不知道 你的中語裡面 也有如此的用法: 離火車站不遠處 坐落著 星光公園... 其實應該(被)寫成 "星光公園 坐落在 離火車站不遠處..." 是 王子先生 學英語 太專心 竟然 把 自己的母語 給 忘記了? 2. 王子先生 好奇的是 其中lies的用法 因為lie當動詞時通常是用lie...

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  4. Because I have to walk carrying a ton of luggage to the Herbis Station to take the bus on the checking out date, are there any staff in the hotel could help move my luggage to the station . Thanks.

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  5. ... were going to downtown by bus. On the road to find the bus station , I met a woman who was so kind to help me, for I ...

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  6. ...afternoon, she was so kind to pick me up from (THE what?TRAIN) station . The next day was a rainy day, so we played card games...

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  7. be here by ten o'clock. (= will be) They are to meet at the station . (= will meet) become(變成)在語意上不會用「現在簡單式」,因為屬於acton verb...

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  8. ... Line MRT operates in connecting Main Station (台北車站) to Taipei 101 and World Trade Center...

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  9. ...more example :- =============== I happened to meet an old friend at the railway station this morning. I met an old friend by chance at the railway station this morning.

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  10. (1)A considered (2)A hadn't left---->wouldn't have missed (3)D in (4)C increase (5)B since (6)C around (7)A past participle (8)C extensive (9)C After (10)B driving, gerund

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