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  1. statement of account 中文 相關
  1. ... account is a personal document that CONTAINS the information. 2009-10-28 12:55:56 補充: 是的!你說對了唷=) 中文 解釋的話就是你說的沒有錯。”bank statement 指的是存款與支出的列表!而 statement of account 是指帳單”

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  2. ... the fund 4.Import declaration 5.The export application 6. Statement of account

  3. ...priority. =========================================================================== 版大, 對帳單,可用 " statement of account " (國際金融貿易辭典),或者是簡單的用詞 "check sheet". 這些是按照您 中文 直接翻譯的. 因為我有想過您背後要的會不會是應收帳款明細表,所以就直接用...

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  4. ... financial statements following completion of the audit, and our internal accounting and financial control policies..."的 中文 說法是什麼?薪酬審議委員會...

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  5. ...我將之為改成英文 再轉為 中文 ...先生您好: Upon review of our accounts , our statutory ...request you to send them a statement of your account within...

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  6. ... COMPANY LIMITED STATEMENT OF CASH FLOW FOR ...incrase)in working capital items Accounts receivable應收帳款 Deposits and...

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  7.'s pro-forma financial statements , as the figures may...with generally accepted accounting principles (...非正式報告", in the point of view of GAAP. ...

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  8. ...- accounts for (a) a nominal account for combined COST OF SALES and INCOME STATEMENT account , and a personal account (combined account for A/C RECEIVALEL...

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  9. 一張由XXX所使用信用卡帳單中顯示, 她據稱犯了信用卡額度灌水案. 她用信用卡刷了很多的費用, 然後假造付款以有意膨脹她的信用額度, 讓她的信用卡可以刷更多的消費.

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  10. ... didn't make copies of the above source out, thanks. The accounting certificates from year 2004... accounting firm. But the statements for year 2007 were ...

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  1. statement of account 中文 相關