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  1. stand out 例句; From adding smoky depth to rich sauces for meat and ...something special in chocolate desserts, coffee can make your cooking stand out ! 把煙燻風味增添到肉品和蔬菜用的濃郁醬料、燉物裡的少許勁味、巧克力甜品...

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  2. 題目裡頭並沒有 standing out 啊。你抄錯了。 put out your hand 伸出手來 stick out my tongue...冒出來,譬如:探頭出來,舌頭從口中伸出 put out 還有別的意思,是撲滅(火) stand out 則是【突出】或【醒目】

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  3. stand out as 這是固定的片語,就我所知及翻閱字典所得知,並沒有 stand out being的寫法,所以這句話你若是用 stand out 這個片語,而又不改變句子...

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  4. Stand + Out &serach_button=%A5%FE%B7j%B4M 這裡可以看圖片找唷^_______^

  5. ... are making a stand against the new road through the valley. stand out agaist sth/ sb: to openly oppose something or someone e.g. More and more people...

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  6. 鶴立雞群 有好的 stand out 也有不好的 see在這裡是指感覺而不是字面上的用眼睛看

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  7. ...ceremony 講究客套 26. stand on/upon one's dignity 堅決受到應有的禮遇;保持尊嚴 27. stand out 1. 堅持,2. 引人注目 28. stand out for 堅決要求 29. stand over 延期 30. stand still...

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  8. 我這裡有等等寄給你,收到以後再回信跟我講,如果沒收到也跟我講我再傳一次給你,請你回信是為了確定你有收到。呵呵因為這首歌已經很久了XD

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  9. ...anatahaoshietekureru barabaraninattaitowotabanete watashinoishizuewokaku tiisanakobushiwokamaete ashitawoniranda Stand Out Togatteiku arakukezurikondagokoronomama Hang On ...

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  10. "The song wishing star had stood out and stopped me. It slapped me and said...

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