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  1. stand for something if a letter, an abbreviation, or a symbol stands for something, that is what it means or represents (http://www.macmillandictionary...

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  2. stand for 的意思是"代表" our flag stands for our country 的意思是"國旗代表國家" 因為flag 是第三人稱單數 所以動詞 stand 要加s 這句話就成為 our flag stands for our country 就是這樣囉

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  3. stand for 可以翻成代表或象徵,例:The American flag stands for freedom and justice.美國國旗代表自由及公平。也可翻成主張;支持,擁護,例:We stand for self-reliance.我們主張自力更生。

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  4. ® = Registered trademark

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  5. AACE stands for : American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists...sentence or even the entire paragraph that this abbreviation appears to determine what it stands for exactly.

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  6. stand for 連在一起,意思是代表。 題目是問你,文中的 I 代表什麼,或代表誰? 因為這話是 Matt 說的。所以 I ('我'這個字 ) stands for Matt. 另外,版大的第一段,說的是文法中的代名詞。 he she it ...

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  7. ...and showed her courage. 面臨危險,她毫不讓步,表現出了勇氣。 12. stand for 1. 代表;象徵, 2. 主張;支持,擁護 The American flag stands ...

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  8. What does sonar stand for ?聲納(SONAR這五個字母)代表的是什麼意思? stand for 指的是代表的意思...

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  9. if you stand for something, you might fall for anything 如果你一直主張於某件事,你可能會失去任何...得」 「要懂的放手,才能擁有」 Ps 單字解說 __________________________ stand for 主張 fall下降、失去 __________________________ **有問題再問囉 圖片參考:http://tw...

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  10. ERA stands for Earned Run Average

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