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  1. over the rough spots 直譯當然可以係「走過一d粗糙地面/點」,但睇情況,可以係「解決... positive attitude and a long term vision will help us all over the rough spots . Be a team player. 正面的態度和長遠的目光會幫助我們解決問題。要懂得...

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  2. A Procedure of grease spot test: 1)Add a drop of oil to a filter paper and let it dry in the air for 5...4)Examine the filter paper against light again, The disapperance of the spot indicates the presence of lipids.

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  3. No. PCCW WiFi AND HK Government can't seach at wifi spot near 醫院.

  4. 我估你講緊既yellow spot 應該係指黃斑點macula 而係黃斑點係冇rod cell既(完全係零) 只有cone cell [正確...

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  5. grease spot test 應是ce課程入面有. 用黎test lipid的. Procedure: Add a drop.... Hold up the filter paper to the light and observe any translucent spot . Put the filter pper into an organic solvent. Take it out and let it dry...

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  6. (something) root (somebody ) to the spot = to make somebody unable to move because of fear, shocks etc.因害怕,騖嚇而呆住不動 e,g Emabarrassment rooted her to the spot = 她尷尬得呆住了 root me to the spot =使我呆住不動

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  7. 八 九月看 金針花~離花蓮火車站約120分鐘車程 雲山水~四季皆美

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  8. My good attitude and happiness are giving my managers the impression that I want to listen to their speeches .

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  9. Spot Rate 係指即期外匯合約匯價。Forward Rate係指遠期外匯合約匯價。由於遠期合約牽涉匯率及利息風險,所以一般都比較差。謹供參考!

  10. I try this product isaknox.-' Spot Breaker Rx' is quite good for 淡化雀斑及黑斑等頑固黑色素 , you may try try . Other this brand , Kose is a good choice