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  1. ...;informal> to stop working、break down 例. The engine spluttered and died.

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  2. ...句子 The sound of firecrackers are crackling and spluttering to wake up the spring. 「噼哩啪啦的鞭炮聲正要喚醒春姐兒。」 The red...

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  3. 大大您好 : 建議您一個很好用的翻譯網 Google的翻譯 希望您會喜歡 : )

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  4. 1.He looked carefully behind him as if he expected to see Marle`s hair sticking out in the hall. 他小心翼翼往後看,彷彿他預計會看到 Marle 的頭髮會在大廳中探出來。 (故事事關 Marle 的鬼魂,所以會有此恐懼幻想) 2.It...

  5. ...gurgle Down the gutters Out the spout Th water splutters . Who likes rain? Not Papa’s old truck...

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