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  1. ...try the shop call Peter's, the salmon and oysters are so nice . Or try some resturant in Darling Harbour and The...

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2006年10月27日

  2. ...but one thing, fish market close around 5 p.m. go there have lunch in there is so nice . u can sit right next to the water and enjoy the sunshine and seafood. it would be so nice ...

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2006年11月01日

  3. Dear kkkoliva, Thanks for your trust, I am so happy about it. =) 1. I am not sure if the apartment is new or...

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2007年11月21日

  4. New Zealand is so good, the taste and the meat are so nice . I know lots of people bring them back to HK too. So ...

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2006年12月15日

  5. Hello kkkkolivia, I am happy that my advices are useful for you. You can go to or Have a nice holiday!

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2007年11月15日

  6. ...39;s window - nice people there... (i stayed with a Australian family) - nice food -quiet -peaceful -relaxing -not as rush as HK -time seems pass so slowly in Australia as everyone was seems to be having...

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2006年12月04日

  7. map guidebook from airport or information center sydney tower: can go at 4pm to 7pm, so as to see both day view and night view Bondi Beach: if ...

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2008年06月20日

  8. ... quite similiar, perhaps you can group it together and spare one more day out, so that you can go to Brisbane when you are in Gold...spend more time in Surfer Paradise. They have very nice beach there.

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2007年04月16日

  9. ...can try a fish call John Dory, it is so good( ask them to cook for you, fish filet). This...although the face are urgry, but the taste is very nice . About the oyster Sydney Rock may be...

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2007年01月18日

  10. this is a new service , start from Dec. , so dont think someone took it yet ! anyway , i took a jetstar from HK have to pay for that , anyway , you have to pay for ur drink and food on plane ! and have a nice trip

    分類:澳洲 > 其他 - 澳洲 2008年11月07日

  1. so nice 相關