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  1. 莫文蔚 / You Are So Beautiful韓劇「射星」片頭曲 You Are...can be beautiful,beautiful 雖不完美 Cos you are so beautiful,beautiful 你擦亮漆黑 Love is so beautiful...

    分類:娛樂與音樂 > 電影 2005年06月22日

  2. is "scream".^^" there are four points here. so is depending on how you write this essay. however, in my opinion...

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  3. So , what happens is my dad and uncles, they fight over who...around with it, try to get me to eat it, cause it s gonna make me smart. So , you have two cousins, I have 27 first cousins. ...

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  4. " so what happens now?" 這句的翻譯是寫成"發生什麼事了?" 但...

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  5. Elle: So speak up, America. Speak up for the home of the brave. Speak...

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  6. .../movies/leon/A7170-04.jpg 2008-03-05 22:32:03 補充: So how old were you when you made your first hit? 我不...

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  7. http:// so

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  8. So Happy Together 上youtube找找吧

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  10. http:// so 你可以看看這邊有沒有你要的~~有很多集ㄛ~ 2010-04-19 22:05:34 補充: 他們倆兄弟真的很搞笑又可愛~希望你能找到你要的~~

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