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  1. So I believe the best way to get across the desert 這一大段 是名詞子句 當主詞 是這個句子的主詞 will be是這個句子的動詞

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  2. ...) taste----v---plural S needs plural v, no need to add "s" so good----(=very good)(adv),to such a degree. ie:- The "meals was...

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  3. ...quot;Main Clause":-they would not have been felt so sorry.To be rewritten as:-Had they told the ...

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  4. ...使用助動詞的句子倒裝就同等是假設語氣. Had she known how to do so . = If she had known how to do so . 其他例子們: We...

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  5. 盡可能按照 , 好像 , 像是 你統治領土  的一個人。(from the wizard of Oz story)

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  6. that--adv.= so ; to the verb "grew""From the story Wizard of Oz" so their branches met over the road of yellow brick

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  7. that 在這裡是連接詞,引導「副詞子句」表示 so much lighter 的結果,是很普通的 so ...that 句型...for the air within it was hot, and this made it SO MUCH LIGHTER in weight than the air without...

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  8. passive adj sometimes not active; influenced by outside forces but not doing anything, suffering (from human to horses) without opposition.; expressing an action which is done to the subject(=horses) of a sentence. In grammar the passive form of a...

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  9. ...設計師還跟我溝通定期護髮的重要性~就像女生每天臉都需要保養的概念!是不是 SO SWEET~~

  10. ... try to prove what nobody doubts. 此地無銀三百兩。 Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. 金窩銀窩不如自己的狗窩。

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