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  1. ...和一些有用的字彙 It amazed me that I learned so much and so many useful vocabularies from this article.

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  2. ... you give me in the email. The traffic, however, was not so superb. Josp:-Tell me about it. The traffic around here...

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  3. ...the weather like there ? P:-It was very hot and humid. E:- So I have heard, but isn't it very expensive ? P:-No, not...

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  4. ... Norton periodically updates the trusted software list. So if the software is well known, nothing is needed. ...

  5. Great !!  You have correctly done all 5 questions. So , I need not give any comments, except if you have any queries to make.

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  6. ...)。 類似的倒裝句子: On his desk was a golden pen. So hungry was he that he ate nonstop for three whole hours.

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  7. ...of the case, an experienced driver can drive the entire route without a rest. So it is not necessary to plan rest stops. However, keep in mind...

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  8. The answer is no. Wires are rated based on how strong the current can go through. So if you do this, there is a high possibility of fire (overheat and overload).

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  9. ... a most  advisable answer under the "polar-bear "circumstances. So it seems. It seems most advisable. It looks as...

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  10. ...literature - they invented the first written language 5. arts - so many beautiful sculptures

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