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  1. ...檔案, 隨身簡報 圖片參考: PPt _bodyslideshow.jpg 但要留意隨身簡報既檔案 size 好大 (過 100MB), 所以未必...

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  2. Please try the following link. It seems to work under MS PowerPoint 2000.

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  3. ...準備好.(2) 到 Acoolsoft 網站下載 Acoolsoft PPT to Vedio 的工具.(3) 然後就按箭頭指示就可以了. 圖片參考:http://blog...

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  4. ...about this is you can easily format that picture and fit into your powerpoint slide . It's not easy to format that when you the worksheet is big...

  5. you can select which slide to show by using its slide number enter into full screen should have a written note on hand showing which-guest-to-which- slide -number) just input his/ her slide number and hit ...

  6. PPT 轉換為Flash

  7. ...簡報製作動畫的教程(英) PPT &variant=zh-hk

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  8. 一個簡單方法: 用第二個program放音樂 你係都要放埋落 ppt o既話: You do this using a feature .... You can do this by selecting Slide Show > Custom Animation...

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  9. 你可以insert --> slides from file 咁樣可以直接搵度到另一個powerpoint既個張 slide 所有野 若果你select all另一個 ppt 既個page. 然後貼係另一個 ppt 度 d fronts和位置係可能會有分別的. 可能係個template有分別所影響

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  10. 你要係個 ppt 內把你插入的音效檔set play幾多張 slide ...set法如下 1.插入音效檔...之後 ppt 入會有個喇叭圖案 2.右click >選 自訂動畫(custom animation) 3.在 ppt 的加面...

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