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  1. - anti-cellulite-抗橘皮組織(皮下脂肪團) - anti- slackening -抗鬆弛 - system slimming-系統纖體 - retightening-回復緊緻 - intensive ...

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  2. cough 1. 咳嗽[C] His cough had slackened , but his nose was still running. 他的咳嗽減弱了,但還在流...

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  3. ...緩慢 動作舒緩 2) 怠惰 君舒緩則臣驕慢 紓緩 延緩 紓急 relax; to slacken ; to slow down; to mitigate free from; to remove; to extricate from 舒 動詞...

  4. ...of suspension should always equal to the length of the stirng,so that the string will not be slackened 2009-06-19 23:33:19 補充: You know that attractions occurs...

  5. english 令到我好鬆弛←的eng係咩?? let me feel limp 2007-09-11 18:41:07 補充: 鬆弛1.limp; flabby; slack; slacken ; to unwind; to relax; to lie back; to slow down; to wind down

  6. ...two loves be one, or, thou and I Love so alike, that none do slacken , none can die.

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  7. ... the each and every move of the Er, calm down to treat he slightly a be slacken of chance, Four machines annihilate thoroughly he.The Niu...

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  8. 答案點解係B? 其實我地見到Z係ligament,你要知道佢係唔會改變佢既length架, so ANS A 同 C 就一定錯啦 跟住我地睇下邊塊muscle contract, 其實V 係bisceps 黎架,so 佢contract 先可以bend到隻手架嘛

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  9. As follows: 圖片參考:

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