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  1. Situation ? 局勢 -- 較適合用於某種敘述性情形的情勢 Condition? 狀況 -- 單一事件某一個時間點的情況 Status ? 狀態 -- 單一事件某一段時間區間內的狀態 因此, 若是以收到貨物後之狀況...

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  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- situation : 情況; 狀況; 形勢; 局面 2011-03-08 10:37:38 補充: 剩下的我打在這: ex...

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  3. ... point in time. A very common usage is " status quo ante bellum," meaning "the state of ...this is kinda hard to explain in Chinese..."the situation before the war starts"

  4. ...並未逐字照翻,,參考一下~~有錯敬請指教 2008-06-09 12:19:10 補充: 第一句的 situations 改用 status 比較好~

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  5. you apply, your status will be pending. So out of status situation will not happen until a decision has been made. 2...039;t forget to submit her medical documents to prove the situation .

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  6. ...conservative This global energy revolution is deemed to affect the energy situation and status of countries and enterprises. But Taiwan is...

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  7. 您是翻譯大綱嗎??我看的內容如下(不一定對,因為醫學不是我的專業,您就參考看看吧!算是拋磚引玉啦!或許會有看不下去的網友會告訴您正確的答案!^^|||) 在5所醫院中有4所醫院的協議內容包括要測量病人的體重和身高。目前分析的樣本來自雷克雅未克、哥本哈根、Uppsala和...

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  8. 你來錯地方了吧!! 應該去"語言文字" 那裡求解啊 !! 以下有3 個 ....不知道你要哪個?? (1) maintain status quo (2) maintain the present condition (3) maintain the present situation

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  9. 要看上下文 但我第一個想到的是:based on the status of the transactions 因交易 transaction本為雙方來往,故不需特意把「雙方」(bilateral) 照字面譯出

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  10. You mixed up your situation . Failure to maintain your student status from absence or poor performance would not result a ban. The school would simply terminate...

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