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  1. ...幾字即可: So we would like to lengthen the pin by 5mm this time to improve the situation . (as attached file) 所以, 我們這一次要把此針加長5毫米來改善狀況(參閱...

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  2. ... motorcycle center. January 16. (1) Situation B:Can I help you? A...the fences on the street January 18 Situation (4) C:Call the rental car company immediately...

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  3. ...單字: ghetto(貧民窟.猶太人居住區).somehow(以某種方法.手段.角 度). situation (情況.處境) 這句以祈使句開頭,而後又加入分詞構句,所以主詞完全被省略...

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  4. the effects of changing the conditions of the situation 改變狀態條件的效應 question whether additional information can be determined about the situation 有關狀態的額外資訊是否可以被決定的問題

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  5. Are the veins popping out of their necks?他們的脖子上是不是看得到靜脈突起? Are people or situations threatening you? 是不是有人或什麼情況會威脅到你? 以上供參考~

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  6. For this situation , we feel deeply sorry. And also hope you can get leaves job the list this 1-2 days for avoid be deducted the pledged money. and also wish you enjoy your life after your leave^^

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  7. Situation : On the plane.情況:在飛機上Michael is going to...

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  8. ... well adjusted to the experimental model for all the analysed situations . 在所有被完成的分析之後, 可以確定在所有被分析的情況下, 數值模型充分的...

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  9. 1. Self-made 自製的 2. witnesses 目擊的 3. The gift was a great success. 成功便是那最好的禮物 4. The situation is beyond remedy. 這情況是無法補償的 5. a tall and beautiful woman 一個高且美麗的女子

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  10. ...a warm-hearted, outgoing person, I can get along with people very well in whatever situation . 不可以這樣連接, 因為my personality不等於後面的I am.... 此外...

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