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  1. ...以下是內容 原文: Give him humility, so that he may always remember the simplicity of true greatness, the open mind of true wisdom, the meekness of true strength. 請賜給...

  2. Jeh Ying Space Design Studio But - I like JehYing Design Studio for its simplicity .

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  3. ...native fruit "sweet Ah sweet" of taste, ingenious into therein, orange color and simplicity of in to taste, deep moved all of heart, soon is became day...

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  4. ...make people feel like being in happiness To experience the feeling of simplicity in Japan special products of Alishan are not just...

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  5. ...elegant and bold you don't need to be armed. To the one who enjoy simplicity . 好好的來學真正道地的美語 你要的答案都在

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  6. .... In Virtue Of:-the town plan has the virtue of simplicity ! Excel:-Their sc. team excelled our sc. team in every...

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  7. ...技術或是零件, 建議你乾脆買一個底線的捲線器來捲線好了, 像這個http://www. simplicity .com/p-1459-sidewinder-portable-bobbin-winder.aspx 你參考看看吧

  8. ...need Too much in life gets cluttered I like the feel of simplicity and Sweet, sweet love

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  9. ... (make a point) : 提(做)出論點---屬於第一種句型8.The cheapness and simplicity of the design makes it ideal for our task.make it (受詞) + ideal (形容詞...

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  10. ...和北極星。 "八金星,一片藍"旗幟設計入選的評語是:"its simplicity , its originality and its symbolism"(簡明、原創、涵義)。

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