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  1. ... When I see you mad at me It was such a silly thing 2008-06-23 22:23:55 補充: 我記得Matt White 有幾首歌...

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  2. ...商科兩年,在等候入讀職業訓練局的酒店管理課程時,她將自錄的MD寄到唱片公司自薦做歌星,結果被 Silly Thing 選為歌手,2004年7月推出其第一隻個人唱片《Little One》。

  3. ...; brass band music; oatmeal; boring stories; watching weather forecasts on TV; argyle socks; the color gray Dislikes: When Ernie wakes him up with silly questions like, What are we going to do tomorrow? Text adapted from Sesame Street Unpaved: The Scripts, Stories, Secrets, and Songs...

  4. ... Believer 2009-12-18 20:49:37 補充: 試聽請上amazon 官網 :

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