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  1. 其實就是在於用各種方法來找出譜中的規則,您能夠分析的方法越多,您就越不需要仔細地辨認每一個音。

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  2. ... Map) 洞爺湖夏日煙火 每年4月~10月 sight /hokkaido/index.html 地址: 洞爺湖溫泉街 洞爺湖觀光朝市 每年5月下旬~9月下旬...

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  3. sleep once the lights go down. People who have lost their sight and cannot coordinate their natural wake-sleep cycle using natural...

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  4. Gleaming is not here to describe the warpaint nor the eye sight of the savages. It is here to describe the movement of the savages moving through the waves!

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  5. Sentences help IELTS Listening 2:- (3)double-six two, four seven, double-one (4)south-west (5)an opinion expressed in third person (6)a fact (8)an opinion expressed in first person (10)sunscreen (11)a spare (12)cliffs (13)safe (14)sum (15)availability (17)move (18...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2015年07月07日

  6. Sentence helps IELTS Speaking:- (1)topic discussion (2)farthest (3)as (4)view (5)must (6)Lexical resource (7)one to two (8)an examiner (9)15 (10)kind (11)two

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  7. 1. Yes. It is to accommodate violin (one of the strings of the violin is A). Violin is usually the key for the entire orchestra. 2. Try to follow. Remember - it takes many practices (individual and group) for the orchestra to...

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  8. Choosing alternative ans. depends on idiomatic usage only:- (1)view (2)obligations (3)consider (4)could (5)into (6)consistent (7)however (8)Speaking (9) (Not 8,nor (8)Considering.)--consideration (10)So

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  9. 先不要怪責考試官太嚴, 若兩次都不合格, 你應該有些問題仍有待改善, 故考試官才不讓你過關. 據我所知, 考八級的曲目都要練至夠爐火純青才能過關, 的確不容易, 需要很有毅力和很細心. 你有老師指導你嗎? 有依照老師的指導練琴嗎? 你2014年考試官的評語和建議是什麼? 你有無細心...

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  10. ...impressive for you to join the "usa student exchange program".Its an awesome sight here ;we've awesome power.You had an awesome task ahead if ...

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