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  1. ...香蕉宣傳廣告微電影」應該譯成Production of a Promotional Short Film of Bananas 香蕉宣傳廣告並不是for bananas「為香蕉」拍的電影...

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  2. ...little while before. 這半句是由: Having been made (for) such a short while before, I had nothing to think of . Since I had been made (for) such a short while...

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  3. 創世異聞錄 =Genesis short story =創世紀異聞錄

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  4. There is no problem. The cause of the increased gasoline consumption is due to more short trips than before. Short trips uses more gasoline than long trips.

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  5. ... trip was last year. E:-What time of year did you go ? P:-The first time..., then I'll pack some light clothes and short jean.  -----Did you have a good time there, Peggy...

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