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  1. SEXY DIAMOND是一個在台灣很出名的本土自創品牌,簡稱SD,由台灣潮人...年建立,它的產品包括男女服裝,很受年青女生歡迎,CREW解作團隊,一伙人. SEXY DIAMOND CREW就是指SD團隊,在SD工作的一伙人,全部...

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  2. 法語,德語: sex-appeal [sεksapil] 西語,葡語,意大利語: sexy 讀音跟英語差不多啦. 俄語: сексуальный

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  3. you can translate it into性感的背脊 you must see this from Justin Timberlake, dont you ^^

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  4. sexy = 性感 今晚你最性感 Tonight, you're the sexiest . Directly translating your sentence would not make any sense in Chinese. Hope this helps.

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  5. 咩都肯是什麼東西肯做啦... 你個朋友是否答: 你知啦的鬼妹又 sexy 又(開)放, 咩都肯... 是不是這句啦??

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  6. Hi, Teary sexy big small crossed like this ( @) I(@ )<--------------- green 886

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  7. Your hairy chest is very sexy Your chest has a lot of hair on it What time do you finish...

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  8. ... fashion,… or?).... 因為系好影響個statement點寫 Promote the sexiest & trendiest female lifestyle (or, 你可以用fashion嘅… 不過, 我prefer用lifestyle...

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  9. 1. loving 2.understanding 3.abbreviation 4.earnings 5.recently 6. sexy 7.destroying 8.consequenting 2009-10-26 15:44:18 補充: sorry 8. consequently

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  10., television stations will be invited to the girl wearing a sexy debut in the variety show, show off their sexy , Xuan Yang pornographic...

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