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  1. type of secondary school in HK http://www. gov .hk/tc/residents/education/preprimary/#/tc/residents/education/secondary/

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  2. ...about 16 (like HKCEE). A-levels at 17 and 18. gov .uk/ schools /teachingandlearning http://www.ofsted. gov .uk/about-us gov ...

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  3. ...揀學校,搞海外留學可以參考以下政府的網站:www. gov .hk/tc/residents/education/secondary/...province〈=eng教您選擇學校 schools .asp申請學習許可証

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  4. ...2009-04-19 18:56:55 補充: 其實不只是EMI schools ,任何人如果教英文,佢讀的課程係獲政府承認能豁免...的英文能力 找了個網址,有有關資料 http://www.edb. gov .hk/index.aspx?nodeid=1363&langno=2 2009-04-19 19:02...

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  5. ... point for your question. Good luck. http://travel.state. gov /visa/temp/types/types_1269.html 2010-11-23 00:17:51 補充: high school ... I am sure you will need to take TOEFL to demonstrate ...

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  6. ... and resuming schooling for school leavers (S5 or below) 12.2010 (只供參考...)主辦機構 (Organiser)http://www.edb. gov .hk/index.aspx?nodeID=8140&langno=2 展翅青見計劃...

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  7. ...good as far as I know. (Even the school is a band 3 or band 4 school ). More information in the URL I provided below. 參考資料 gov .sg/corporate/eduoverview/Sec.htm

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  8. http://hongkong.usconsulate. gov /studyusa.html EducationUSA Advising...and timely information on a full range of accredited schools in the U.S. EducationUSA ...

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  9. ...d? 讀到,詳情請看以下各大學科目收生要求 各大學科目收生要求 http://www.edb. gov .hk/FileManager/TC/Content_6440/university_entrance_...

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  10. ...primary education) and the first three years in secondary schools (junior secondary education), known as "nine year For more information please refer to: http://www.emb. gov .hk/

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