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  1. salad days 為英文的習慣用語,中文翻譯為:年少不更事的日子 gloomy 為陰沉的、陰暗的...材料以生菜為主,配以黃瓜、番茄等,新鮮的生菜顏色翠綠,看起來很嫩,遂使 salad days 成為青澀、缺少經驗歲月的代名詞。 來源:

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  2. ...a rat 感到有可疑之處 或 有內奸,內鬼 6.jam tomorrow 可望不可及, 敷衍 7. salad days 青春期 it by ear 隨機應變, 不看譜彈奏樂器 day 很熱的一天...

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  3. ... Salad was often bullied by some schoolmates. One day , Salad 's father got bankrupted and she became a servant....

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  4. .... C: what do you suggest for appetizer? A: If you like salad , we have excellent house salad with French dressing. B: Salad ...

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  5. ...a cup of miso soup and 8 pieces of sashimi along with a japanese salad and rice. At dinner time, I will take her to a seafood... will kiss my mom good night for the Mother's Day .

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  6. ...的熱忱了 Now I do the same thing almost every day , and I can hardly recall the enthusiasm I had when I just got into the business. 3.套餐包含 salad .soup.beverage單點扣50附小杯紅茶(ice tea) The combo meal...

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  7. ... would like an order of buffalo wings and caesar salad . Q: What would you like for your soup and...french fries. A: I would like soup of the day and new york steak, and I would like to take ...

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  8. 一、 在這句話當中 I ll take it 意思是說: 恩 我就點這個牛排套餐 二、 在這句話當中 I ll take it 意思是說: 我的牛排要全熟 well-done 通常在有關肉製食品的語法裡面,就是煮得全熟的意思

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  9. ... Salad 章魚沙拉 Octopus Salad 花枝沙拉 Squid Salad 章魚醋 Octopus with Vinegar 花枝醋 Squid...簡單的反而大家都看的懂喲!!! 希望有幫到你... Have a nice day !! ^_^

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  10. ...girlfriend to dinner.It was Valentine s Day ,so they went to a very nice restaurant. (一天,他邀請... apple pie and het tea,and he had salad and coffee. (她要牛排,而他要海鮮.她點了頻果派和熱茶...

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