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  1. This is from JAL Hope it helps~~

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  2. 修讀建築學高級文憑的 會考英文不及格 你試下31265111報讀物業管理保安認可QAS課程 31265111代辦保安員証 Very Good 推薦…希望幫到大家 要像一枝蠟燭照亮別人,請幫助轉告訴有需要人士

  3. use a footbridge, a subway, a pedestrian crossing wait for the green man don't jump over a railing

  4. Withdrawing money alone at night, even in HK, it will be a dangerous action, how your friend will do it in Paris??? It's an exception case and doesn't mean Chamys-Elysees at night is dangerous. I spent a year in Paris, I haven't...

  5. 1. Since impulsive force=change in momentum/impact time, the air bags and bumpers are used to increase the impact time and hence reduce the implusive force acting on the occupants. 2. It is also used to increase the impact time and hence reduce the force...

  6. Home Safety Rules Fire safety is a crucial issue for .... - Parents with small children must take safety precautions to eliminate the risk of a child coming...

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  8. 你可以睇睇以下呢個網址幫唔幫到你 ??? 圖片參考: 雖然有中無英,但都希望可以幫到你啦 ~ 圖片參考:

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  9. Safety Use of Domestic Electricity 1)Do not toch electrical...

  10. I have arrived safely. This trip is so unforgettable. Thank you

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