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  1. 可以用 sack 呢個字, 以下係解釋: "to dismiss or discharge, as from a job." - "開除;解雇 One of the workmen was sacked for drunkenness. 一個工人因酗酒被解雇。" - Yahoo! dictionary

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  2. Cotton wool contains a lot of small air sacks in it. Since air itself is a good heat insulator, these air sacks ...

  3. 1. sack (vt., n.):解僱 2. competitor (n.):競爭者 3. request (vt., n.):請求 4. obvious (a.):顯著的、顯而易見的 5. endeavour (vi., n.):努力

  4. hack i jack k lack mack n o pack quack rack sack track u v wrack x yack z 係咪依d? 基本上即係要ack尾既字- - act讀出黎o個d...幫到你 x呀z依d 好難有.. 係教phonic既話作佢做名啦... eg Zack 同 sack 差唔多音長短分別

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  5. English translation of 豆袋? Ramie Bean Sack . 注: 任何用來載米, 麵粉或豆類的袋必定是麻質袋, 英文是 sack 而不用bag這字.

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  6. 1. a case of cigarettes (一盒香煙) 2. a sack of rice, wheat,coal (一袋米,麥,麵粉,煤) 3. a barrel of wine , beer,oil(一桶酒,啤酒,油) 4. a bale of wool (一綑羊毛) 5. a carton of paper(一紙箱紙) 6. a can of oil, paint (一罐油,漆油)

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  7. .... Cotton wool is soft and contains plenty of air sacks . When the cotton wool collides with the bottle, the air sacks ...

  8. If a human mistake were found to be responsible for the cabin incident, around 70% of people Q5.__thought________ that Skyrail's management should be sacked from their jobs. Hope I can help you.

  9. ...make you sadder & wise. "The truth is that my sack is magic. Inside It holds millions of ...

  10. you can try unless you were sacked by the company, then they will record that down for rejection but if not, they will also consider...