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  1. It is different than typical. It means that the air will run through the cabin air filter first. Then the air will come out from the front air vents.

  2. ...自己回應對方的理由或反駁] You are being ridiculous to suggest running into a rain storm to wash clothes. [這不是認真的說對方荒謬,而是反話...

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  3. (1)acuse--of course, makes something happen afore---before chimbley---chimney (2)vereas---whereas---considering that ; while on the other hand; sinds---sends (3)wery---very obstinit---obstinate---not easily overcome; nothink--nothing vith--with (4)acuse--of course chimney--chimney hextricate---extricate from=free...

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  4. Not recommended - Intel Core i series (including Core i3) runs way better. If budget is an issue, consider used notebook.

  5. 有錯勿怪 Bright— dark Expensive- cheap(便宜) Run down- increase ( not sure) Dangerous- safe(安全) Noisy- quiet(安靜...

  6. ...可以加以利用而獲利(見以後對“洗牌追蹤”之說明)   算出來的數稱為流水數( Running Count)或假數。打六副牌,算了三副(剩三副)算到假數+6與兩副的...

  7. ...:// run _id=9855 勞工育樂中心下車

  8. I ran to the store >> ran 本身是不及物動詞,表明跑步的意思, ran to則是跑去(什麼地方),所以是及物動詞

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  9. ...4. other examples" "what?" says the girl. Pst! runs the dog.

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