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  1. Bull Running Festival Date: 7th to 14th July every year Venue...

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  2. I ran over him yesterday = 作天我(開車)輾過他 I ran across him yesterday = 作天我偶然遇到他 那個更好?兩個都對,只看你想「輾過他」還是「遇到他」了! Cheers!

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  3. The ways to run might be manyfold:-(A) to move fast on foot:-eg:-You had to run ... Boss. (B)to move or travel in some other way:-eg:-Your car ran downhill out of control off the Garden Road Central.An...

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  4. If you hurry and run now, you can catch the bus. You can always get healthy, if you eat an apple every...

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  5. Hit your home run today = Come on, do your best today. = 盡施所長. Home run = 疊球賽中的全疊打 (hr)

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  6. It was a close run thing. We nearly lost the contract to our rivals. This...

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  7. ...那把槍而遭到追緝。 圖片參考: Running _scared_screenshot_1.png/260px- Running _scared_screenshot_1.png...

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  8. 我估你是想問: running group 是 verb 嗎? running group 不是一個 verb。 在這裏, running ...adjective用的gerund;至於group則是一個noun。 running 因此是用於修飾 group, running group 的意思即「在跑着的組別」 希望幫到你。

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  9. It should be "You'd better run " (= You had better run .) "had better" is idiomatic and equivalent to the modal "ought to" or "should".

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  10. "Making long runs of..." 這裡"making long runs of"內的 run 意思是"...的生產,尤指一部機噐或一間工廠的生產。" 所以"making long runs of"解「長期生產」,而全句"These were hierarchical and bureaucratic...

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