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  1. "Making long runs of..." 這裡"making long runs of"內的 run 意思是"...的生產,尤指一部機噐或一間工廠的生產。" 所以"making long runs of"解「長期生產」,而全句"These were hierarchical and bureaucratic...

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  2. ... reference below: For best success, you should have been running about a year. You should be training 3-5 days...

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  3. It was a close run thing. We nearly lost the contract to our rivals. This...

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  4. Some plays are so successful that they run for years on end. they run for years on end是...是「名詞子句」。 The fact that some plays run for years on end is unbelievable. 名詞fact的同位語...

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  5. 應該是 He runs as fast as I ( run ) More examples: Grace is...

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  6. Hit your home run today = Come on, do your best today. = 盡施所長. Home run = 疊球賽中的全疊打 (hr)

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  7. Time is running out. 就黎完結 Time is running short. 時間緊迫

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  8. It should be "You'd better run " (= You had better run .) "had better" is idiomatic and equivalent to the modal "ought to" or "should".

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  9. 1.c. complete 2.b. fragment 3.b. fragment 4.a. run -on.(extention,additional part=the objective is to..) 5.c.complete 6.c. complete 7.b .fragment

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