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  1. ...8. ruin (v) 1)to spoil or destroy something completely eg This illness has ruined my life . 2) to make someone lose all their money e.g Jefferson was...

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  2. ...已經無時間/機會再懷疑,要作決定/有行動了) 22valuing life is not weakness.- 珍惜生命並不是軟弱 lousy...一點禮儀〔似係恐嚇,隱晦地講要動手......〕 27. I 'll watch silently from the sidelines. - 我會...

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  3. 我就覺得..你可以話俾佢聽你既感受.. 你地已經相識左咁多年.. 其實..佢又點會唔知你心裡面唸D咩?? 可能佢想等你開口呢.. 加上..就算佢唔會同你一齊.. 我覺得你地既關係都唔會有咩轉變.. 你地都識左咁多年..當大家係好朋友.. 又點會因為呢D事又唔理對方呢?? 你地都係成年人...

  4. ...nice to meet you, and I am waiting for you to contact me then~~~ don't think too much, if there is no solution, then...out yet; everything takes time to tickle it, don't rush and ruin the chance~~~

    分類:健康 > 心理健康 2007年02月11日

  5. ...will be happy. What an idiot you are. You’d ruined me as I am unable to accept any new love! I hate your guts for the rest of my life .

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2012年06月04日

  6. ...satisfaction would probably ruin their lives because they never know how hard ... involved and ruin their future once they get .... 圖片參考: i /tw/ugc/rte/smiley_1.gif

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  7. or...幾有趣呀 佢話愛你愛到佢發燒,你都算一個好人 無咩錯 。又問你覺得自己點,有時有d 野唔洗問人,自己可以解決 ,你係一表人才,有d 問題唔洗問佢,自己可以搞掂 仲有佢關心你最近諗緊咩lor 可能佢擔心你諗唔開,怕天妒英才呀

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  8. ...restless city where its all about efficiency. I think this is what takes away their time for resting and also ruins a healthy normal life of Hong Kong people. -Seems...

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  9. ...student or housewife Taking drugs will ruin your whole life (2) Don't accept drugs an end (3) Drugs will be harmful to you My advice is very true (4) Drug ...

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  10. ...sort of logical thinking that would completely ruin this gem of a film, so I 'll stop it right now. Tom Hanks plays the lovable simpleton whose life story, originally imagined in the novel of...

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