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  1. daily routine 既英文解釋 : The usual / regular work or process one has to carry out everyday. For further reference please also see the following web site: routine

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  2. As soon as she learns the office routine she will be an excellent assistant 她一旦熟悉了辦公室的日常事務,就會成為一名優秀的助手。

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  3. ...安排今聽眾更容易明白系最緊要。到最後都不過印象分啫,系咪? Daily routine 即時間次序為主: at about __ o'clock / just before __ / at __ / between __ and...

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  5. This is not a chemistryl quesiton. This is outside the scope of it. It is related to laboratory question relating to medicine. The normal range differs from one centre to another. I provide you a link as reference...

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  6. wireless routine ..裏面先有NAT 同 DHCP ,PSP 要靠NAT 轉個 DNS add port 先上到,唔似PC"禁' 自已做。

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  7. Routine n. 1. 例行公事;日常工作;慣例;慣常的程序[U][C] As soon... Marx brothers were famous for their comedy routine . 馬克斯兄弟因表演一套喜劇劇目而出名。 3. 【電腦】例行程序[C] a...

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  8. 1)terror既adjective terrifying 2)curious既noun curiosity 3)analyse既noun analysis 4)intelligent既noun intelligence 5)fascination既verb fascinate 6)patient既noun patience 7)brave既noun bravery 8)calm既noun calmness 9)reliance既verb rely 10)imagination既verb imagine 11)assistance既verb assist 12)motivate既noun motivation...

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  9. sleep. 2013-09-15 18:07:10 補充: Use present tense in your daily routine . It is OK to write: When the clock on the wall has...

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