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  1. ...) 以下這個網址有列出很多Famous Homosexuals http://www. rotten .com/library/sex/homosexuality/famous/

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  2. ...stone, a wood, the lumber type is sal, immerses not only is not rotten , instead can change hardly, the entire place palace looks like floa

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  3. ...的視野用於其他的非正統的經濟學題目上。 貝克還是「不肖子定律」(the " rotten kid" theorem)的創說人 根據諾貝爾經濟學獎的引言,可以將其的工作劃分...

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  4. ...s excavation corpse's grave, has not nailed to staple every 1 rotten corpse body on the massive wooden pegs. At the same time, the inquisition mobilization...

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  5. ...國會,原本只有少數比率的人口才能投票,同時選舉制度也有許多弊病如腐敗選區( Rotten borough)的存在。召集或解散國會與否則是全憑國王的意願(通常是當國王或...

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