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  1. above L will represent 50,000, etc. See: Roman _ numerals or

  2. ...outstr := outstr + 'IX'; end; writeln('The roman numeral of ', number, ' is : ', outstr) end.

  3. I=1,V=5 X=10,L=50,C=100,D=500,M=1000 MCCXXXV=1000+200+30+5=1235 DCCCLXXIII=500+300+50+20+3=873 CMLXXVIII=900(M-C)+70+8=978 DIII=500+3=503 ICCLXVII=199(CC-I)+50+10+7=276

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  4. 遠古數字 Ancient numerals 羅馬數字 Roman numerals 中國數字(大寫) Chinese numerials (commerical or dàxiě...

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  5. ... for writing numbers in chinese. ex. 一二三四五 roman numerals was the standard numbering system and method of arithmetic in ancient rome...

  6. Probably following Roman numeral convention, MMIL may mean 1000+1000+ 50 - 1 = 2049. However, more formal or generally accepted representation for 2049 should be MMXLIX.

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  7. ...畫面中右下角「MMVI」,那是羅馬數字( Roman Numeral ),此處代表年份,即是「2006年」。 圖片...數字/羅馬數字對照」網頁: roman /,只需輸入阿拉伯數字或羅馬數字,便會得出...

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  8. ...most well known historical example of counting numbers are Roman Numerals which begin with I then II and so on. There is no Roman ...

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