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  1. ...爛的航空器,話鋒一轉,「但他們還驕傲的不得了!」 問題 (2): gone roaring 是如何變化而來的? 該雜誌網站原文刊登的是HAVE gone roaring ...

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  2. The wind booms down the curved length of the trailer and under its roaring passage he can hear the scratching of fine gravel and sand.風延著活動房屋的弧線極速吹過,在風怒吼著通過時他可以聽到細石與砂磨擦的聲音

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2005年12月26日

  3. ...within your mighty hand When the oceans rise and thunders roar I will soar with you above the storm Father you are king over the...

  4. Katty Perry- Roar

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  5. Rawr : 是 Roar 的諧音。可以用做挑釁也可以用作表示興奮。

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  6. ...bring the great lion to the King s zoo. "Grrrrrrrrrr!" roared the lion. He tugged and tugged at the strong ropes...

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  7. ...羅志祥新專輯獅子吼有兩個版本 ● 羅志祥 / 獅子吼-霸氣嘶吼金獅版 Lion Roar (Gold Lion Edition) 預購獨享限定限量A版-霸氣嘶吼...

  8. The Fashion of The Roaring Twenties

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  9. The wind whistling out of window sounds like a roaring monster The wind likes a roaring monster whistles outside the window

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