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  1. 這種技術能被用作共同熔敷工藝過程或者一個多台階的過程。 鑑定兩類共同熔敷工藝過程是可能的 ,有關要素有幾乎相同的命令的地方,就是說(1) 電極潛能和(2)有關要素有 不同的電極潛能。 在兩種情況裡類似休息的潛能 供養實驗工況形成電影的合標準。

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  2. ...ninety five percent of the DNA is actually dormant, now just imagine if the rest of the ninety five percent was sleeping and we started to wake...

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  3. ...of the water being cooled to evaporate into a moving air stream to provide significant cooling to the rest of that water stream. 這種在冷卻塔的熱排出方式被撐為” 蒸發",它使一小部份被冷卻的水蒸發成為移動的氣流...

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  4. ..., after in 1991 the railroad stopped trips, in 1998 the Taichung county government its plan was a bike path, constructed a union amusement and rest ,Cultural, transportation and industrial leisure space.

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  5. ...總是有無窮的潛力等待著挖掘elementary school students always have the infinite potential waiting to be excavated.   希望在這過程中, 藉由著教學與遊戲...

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  6. ... stocks heavily. but interestingly this time the shock was naturally on Japan only. and so the rest of the world which were free from the shock, 2012-02-20 23:45:42 補充: actually the foreigners bought...

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  7. Hi! 您的PAPER 我已經翻成 中文 囉嗦!! 遺傳材料可以于提交染色體 病毒或轉座子通過的所有生物...希望有幫到您!!! 2009-05-11 18:04:34 補充: 這句 我已經翻成 中文 囉嗦 沒有 嗦 浙字 抱歉喔!!!

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  8. ...a little 2008-07-05 15:21:03 補充: light and watch it all melt a long way from home but found my resting grounds to be at peace 現在這一刻我會做到最好 所有瞬間終將賦予意義 十年以後的我 仍舊不會做出...

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  9. ... the number of people to come in and visit at any given time, we allow the nature enough room to rest and recuperate, after the visits of humanity. When it is ready to accommodate more people, we will allow more...

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  10. ... 1997. We have been the most important in academics in southern Taiwan with deep develop potential . Accountant is appointed and dismissed, directly by the central institution and the, and the statistical service. (這兩句到底是甚麼鬼東西呀?在寫甚麼呀?!) 不行了,我投降…… 你先告訴我你 中文 意思是甚麼我再幫你看….. @.@

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