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  1. 想請飯店租2台機車是否於抵達飯店時在飯店牽車即可 還有一天多少錢 Will it be possible for you to arrange 2 rental motor scooters at hotel upon arrival by 2/1/2015? How much daily rate will be billed? Thanks!

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  2. ...的網站,現在有新的活動,是【週三愛心日】網址如下 有興趣的話可以參考看看。 http://www.evergreen- hotels .com/TaiSugar/Web/Restaurant.php? Rest = Detail &RES_ID=83

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  3. ...吃遍天下餐廳都能滿足您對多樣飲食之需求。  http://www.evergreen- hotels .com/TaiSugar/Web/Restaurant.php? Rest = Detail &RES_ID=83 大億麗緻酒店 - 共同市場歐亞自助餐...

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  4. ...上閤屋(網頁資訊蠻豐富的,有放很多菜色照片) 長榮桂冠 http://www.evergreen- hotels .com/TaiSugar/Web/Restaurant.php? Rest = Detail &RES_ID=83

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  5. hotel _id=klnh&section_id= rest &subsection_id=window 如果是這家的話, 今天(9月...聯絡一下. detail .aspx? hotel _id=klnh&section_id=news&subsection_id=promotion&...

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  6. ...缺乏 官網 rest .htm 6. 全國大飯店 氣氛很棒 往外...家 > < 官網http://www. hotel hotel _dining/ hotel _dining_ detail .php?ID=9 7. 新天地 供中式...

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  7. ... Facility in Howard Hotel , Checking out at 11:00am, Lunch ...一宿+早餐+水世界門票) ※Expense in details ※ ☆Bus fare(20 persons at least), lunch...

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  8. ... 7/29 04:25am now and I will forward the rest of informations to you tomorrow morning asap... 2008... have sent these informations & details to you email box already, and please check it out and~~如有...

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