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  1. ... of boosting our morale and strengthening our resolve , our popular culture has chosen to pick on a vulnerable group in...

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  2. ... into a movie, the movie would be very bloody. 2. If the government do not resolve the problem now, Hone Kong would definitely turn into a disaster.

  3. ...person at heart has a lazy devil, it always wants 'sets firm resolve ' the critical moment in us to come out to make trouble. 'the lazy devil'...

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  4. 科學家歡呼了大Hadron Collider 進入行動在全世界事業解決宇宙微粒物理學家的奧秘是歡騰的昨天在兆機器的期待已久的起動以後被設計暴露波斯菊的秘密凱旋通過它的第一個測試。

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  5. 中英對照( 翻譯 ) 他提醒秘書在要求他簽名前, 要先SEND EMAIL...can go to that responsible person in case any issue needs to be resolved later. 2014-05-02 12:01:22 補充: 英文意思: 他提醒...

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  6. ...退款 (如三天內仍未拿回貨品, 我有權消息退款申請). 翻譯 : Thank you again for lodging a valuable feedback... only through mutual communication that a concern can be resolved promptly. We are therefore sorry for the ...

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  7. ...can positively raise for us for a more appropriate and feasible options to resolve the problem of delay dealing with documents, and, led to the customer...

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  8. ...there are other issues, my side are trying to resolve , there is a need to find you.

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  9. ...2011-07-14 15:38:53 補充: 請將句子轉為通順,請勿單單使用Google 翻譯

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  10. ...and leading their team affiliation. 9.I am responsible for resolving marketing and sales issues. 10.I am responsible...

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