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  1. Resolving power is the ability of an optical device to distinctly observe two nearby objects. The folowing web...animation, you could see that for the human eye situation, when the separation of the two sources is jsut resolved , using a telescope would observe the two objects be separated distinctly. 4. Angular...

  2. ...distance between two objects at which they can be seen to be separate 就係 resolving power 啦.

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  3. resolve 通常用於人際關係 eg.巴士 亞叔ge未解決就要用'unresolve' solve通常用於非人際關係的所有野 eg.請解以下不等式= Solve the following inequalities. 2006-11-12 19:32:56 補充: eg.巴士 亞叔ge未解決就要用unresolve

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  4. solve 和 resolve 同樣指解決問題或困難. 例句 1. Have you solved your problem? 2. Have you resolved your problem? 但 resolve 有另一意思是指 決定, 下決心

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  5. solve-解答 resolve - 決定, 決意, 決心, 決議, 決定, 解答, 解決 the difference is that solve can only be used with object, but the restriction does not apply with resolve .

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年08月12日

  6. solve(動詞)係解決問題,唔係大問題,例如數學題功課咁,得1個意思 resolve (動詞+名詞)有解決嘅意思,呢方面同 resolve 一樣,但層次嚴重過solve,重有其他意思,融解,表決,消炎

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2011年11月27日

  7. ...verb,而且只有一個 meaning, 就係 解決 (問題) 而 Resolve 就有多個意思, 可以係verb同noun 如果係noun, ...令到你走出困境,個問題唔再係問題 所以你冇理由話 resolve a puzzle, resolve a mystery 但係你可以話: resolve a matter...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年07月03日

  8. ...preparation, and does not belong to the harmonic. The suspension has to be resolved , it will go stepwise downward, and it is the resolution, which is a harmonic...

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  9. Resolve [4x(x+4)]/[(x^2-4)(x+2)] into a partial fraction Sol [4x(x+4)]/[(x^2-4...

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  10. 咁要等大運合而解沖就有機會結婚,一般夫妻宮逢沖主少機會接觸異性,建議最好擴闊自己社交生活圈子,多出外走走為宜。