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  1. 他忿忿不平地對我說:「我不去。」 He resentfully said to me, "I won't go." resent (v) 怨恨、憤恨 resentful (adj) 怨恨的、憤恨的 resentfully (adv) 怨恨地、憤恨地

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  2. 這一切我都記得 I remember all these 也覺得很窩心 Feel very resentful too 你回你的國家了 You have gone back to your country...

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  3. ...) dangerous 危險的 4. (A) 他不滿被對待的方式。 He was resentful at the way he had been treated. (A) resentful 不滿...

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  4. Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful .

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  5. snatch away. Helen's husband is after being ashamed and resentful ,Succour Helen after launching the troops of ...

  6. ...about you all the time Friend, does not have each other suspicious and resentful psychology Friend is an inalienable noun

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  7. ...exhaust (vt)(vi)(n) 釋義及例句請參閱: * resentful (adj) 忿恨的,怨恨的,怨恨引起的; 表示忿恨的 ex: He was resentful ...

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  8. ...just silent one sends me home! I am very grateful and very resentful too! Our emotion does not need sticking to keep our ...

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  9. ... was very touched by that. At last, they defeat the resentful earthmen and take their territory back. It is cheerful!

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  10. ..., 如果員工不被允許做這些事情,他們將感到憎恨。 they will become resentful . All participants should leave a work meeting ...

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