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  1. copy可以當成動詞和名詞, 用法當然跟只能當成名詞 reproduction 不同. 但是假設你是問, 當這兩個字都是當成名詞的...學生也許會辯解, "No, it is just a reproduction .(這只是重製)" 一部電影因為很經典, 過了20年...

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  2. 應該是 social reproduction theorist 吧? 如果解釋為"社會再生理論家",不知道對於你的前後文有沒有...

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  3. In the winter, calves will need to be provided with excessive energy in order to 1. maintain body temperature; 2. continue to grow. Summer diet for the calves is simply not enough. Thus I would recommend aunt Becky to increase the fat content of milk to 15%~18...

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  4. ...廣告再說 2013-10-14 00:01:33 補充: Asexual Reproduction In Organisms Reproduction ...fission. We now move unto another type of asexual reproduction called Regeneration. Simple...

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  5. ...clearly an advantage to an animal that comes from mating versus non-sexual reproduction ."Goodwin 說:不要管其他不相關的訊息,此意味著『性』有重大...

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  6. ... instead. And many organisms are incapable of reproduction , although their species is not.

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  7. ...environment.一個固定的細胞環境的維持。 organism: 有機組織 organization: 有機體 reproduction : 生殖系統 response:反應型態 species: 種類 stimulus: 原義為:興奮劑...

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  8. For animal reproduction , litter is the term for the size (number) of newborns. For example, most the litter size for pig will be 8-12.

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  9. 3. Productive of new things or new ideas; inventive: an original mind. 4. Being the source from which a copy, reproduction , or translation is made. 3. 新事物或新觀念的產生;原創的想法。 4. 拷貝、複製或翻譯的原始來源。

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  10. ... / High S/N ratio / High Color Reproduction Hope the info is useful to you!

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